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Private label Antibacterial wet and dry dual-use beauty blender

Private label Antibacterial wet and dry dual-use beauty blender


Our private label Antibacterial wet and dry dual-use beauty blender is the perfect addition to your beauty routine. Its specialized antibacterial design means it will stay clean and bacteria free even with daily use. It also has the ability to be used both wet or dry, meaning you can customize your application preference. Whether you're using powder or cream makeup, our sponge will help you create a flawless look.


Our Private Label Antibacterial Wet and Dry Dual-Use Beauty Blender provides perfect radiant and natural-looking coverage! This non-eating powder beauty sponge is dual-use, so it can be used wet or dry for effortless all-day coverage. Keep your makeup looking pure and germ-free!

Reference :

Model NO: XHQZBM-01


Weight: 0.2kg

Please Note:

Samples are available for purchase, but the colors are random

Basic product info
Regular beauty sponge
Material: imported hydrophilic non-latex sponge
Specification shape: oblique cut shape / double cut shape / triple cut shape / smiley face shape
Color options: skin tone/blue/pink/rose red

Customized MOQ


Simple guide

Samples can be purchased directly online, there is no logo by default, please contact customer service if you need to print a logo

1. About the minimum order quantity: most of the minimum order quantity is 100 pieces, and the logo can be printed

2. About printing: we provide silk screen printing, color printing, bronzing and other processes

3. Regarding carton packaging: we provide customized color boxes, labels, and self-adhesive stickers

4. About logistics: provide packaged and cross-border logistics freight forwarding, one-stop service.

5. About small batch production time: 5-7 days after the custom order is placed, please contact customer service if you have any questions.

Other instructions:

1. The minimum order for printing logo is 100 pieces, which can be mixed colors, and the minimum order for single color is 10 pieces (that is, 100 pieces of orders can choose 10 colors);

2. After the order is confirmed, it will be handed over to the workshop for production. It does not support modification of the order. Please confirm after checking the accuracy

3. Our company has tried to restore the color as much as possible when making the picture material, but the color difference is inevitable due to factors such as display equipment and ambient light, and the color difference is not a quality problem.


  • Customized logo(Min. order 100 pieces)
  • Graphic customization(Min. order 200 pieces)
  • Customized packaging(Min. order 500 pieces)
  • Customized Formula/Material(Min. order 1000 pieces)
  • Professional mass production(Min. order 12000 pieces)

Lead time:

Quantity (pieces) 1 - 100 Lead time (days) 7

Quantity (pieces) 101 - 1000 Lead time (days) 15

Quantity (pieces) > 1000 Lead time (days) To be negotiated

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