Metacnbeauty Private Label

Our Story

Brand Concept
Traditional Cosmetics,
Botanical Essences

Metacnbeauty is an innovative makeup brand born by Hua Du District (the Flower City ) in Guangzhou, China. Metacnbeauty explores the East and the West wisdoms combine in traditional beauty rituals, inherits the philosophy of Chinese aesthetics and adopts modern technologies in creating our cosmetic products, which features nourishment from flower and natural essences, unity of makeup and skincare, promotion of both inner and outer beauty and excellence of craftsmanship.

Brand Vision
Revive Traditional And Natural Aesthetics, Build Multi Cosmetic Centurial Enterprise

Metacnbeauty will always hold fast to our original aspiration and the qualities of ingenuity, perseverance and dedication to our customers. We are committed to inherit and promote Chinese traditional culture, and to build a centennial international cosmetic brand. Metacnbeauty always measures itself by a higher standard to provide top-quality products and services to her customers.

Metacnbeauty Cosmetics all in one manufactory will be one of the biggest Multi cosmetic and beauty factories in China With the East and the West wisdoms 


The brand name is a combination of Meta(Stand for future for original for West wisdom ) + CN(Stand for China for East wisdom),meaning “ Flowers of The Earth ” meaning“ Every woman should be the flower of the earth” .

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