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The Ultimate Sample Cost Guide To Cosmetics Private Label Products

Please note that the following information is intended for customers who require customized orders with a minimum quantity of 12,000 pcs and above.

Before placing an order, it is understandable that you would like to review a sample. We are pleased to send you samples, but there is a sample cost involved.

Sample Cost: Starting from $100 USD (includes international delivery cost). This amount can be returned to you or used as a deposit for your order once it is placed.
Sample Time: 7-12 days
Additionally ,for small batch order (lower MOQ) that you can buy a sample online directly

You may believe that samples should be provided for free by the factory to demonstrate their commitment to earning your business.

In the past, we did offer free samples. However, based on our experience, we found that customers often didn't value free samples. We sent out numerous samples but rarely received feedback, let alone orders. It appears that many people request samples out of curiosity but are not genuinely interested in placing an order. To prevent this and to better serve our customers who are genuinely interested in doing business with us, we now require all potential clients to pay for samples. This way, we can ensure that you are serious about working with us.

MetaCNBeauty cosmetic private label service process and samples request process

MetaCNBeauty private label service process and request sample process

Regarding the quality of our cosmetics:

We will initially send you tester samples for your evaluation. Once you provide feedback, we can make up to three adjustments to the makeup formula and resend the samples to meet your quality expectations.

If you prefer the quality of another brand, you can send us a sample, and our laboratory will review it and strive to replicate the formula to achieve a similar quality.

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