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Private Label Cosmetic and Skincare Products: Tailored Manufacturing Solutions

Tailored Manufacturing Gain full control over product specifications and production with our private label offerings!

As your private label partner, we empower you to establish a distinctive presence in the beauty industry. Our customized manufacturing services enable your brand to grace our best-selling products with your chosen colors.

Moreover, we specialize in crafting unique formulas and colors for your cosmetic and skincare products, helping you shape an exceptional brand that aligns perfectly with your vision and mission.

To enhance brand identity, our in-house printing experts can adorn the packaging of your selected products with your name. Our dedicated consultants are available to assist and guide you throughout the process, ensuring the creation of a distinguished brand identity. While this service incurs an additional fee and requires approximately 6-14 business days for completion, it remains highly affordable.

At Metacnbeauty Private Cosmetics, the possibilities for custom manufactured cosmetic and skincare products are boundless. Our team thrives on challenges and consistently goes the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

Listed below are our top additional services available to our esteemed partners:

Customized Colors for Cosmetic Products Are you searching for the perfect color palette that will captivate your customers?

Look no further! We can custom-create it just for you!

Simply share your ideas and specific requirements with us, and we'll deliver a tailored color palette. A reasonable research and development (R&D) fee deposit is required to initiate the project, with minimum quantities ranging from 1,800 to 10,000 pieces per color. The project timeline is estimated at 12-16 weeks.

Customized Skincare Formulas Whether you wish to add or replace an ingredient or create a unique formula for skincare products, our in-house chemist team is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to bring your vision to life. Upon a research and development (R&D) fee deposit for a minimum of 2,500 pieces per skincare product, our collaboration will commence. While the project timeline spans 12-16 weeks, rest assured that our team will work closely with you to ensure the final results align precisely with your requirements and expectations.

Shrink Wrapping Upon request, we offer shrink wrapping services for your cosmetic and skincare products at an additional fee. Please note that minimums may apply, and the lead time typically ranges from 2-3 weeks.

Batch Coding Our team provides batch coding services for your products upon request, subject to an additional fee. Minimums may apply, and this service may add an additional 2-4 business days to your order's completion time.

Custom Labeling Metacnbeauty Cosmetics offers custom bottom name labels. Simply provide us with your artwork for color names, and we'll take care of the rest. For an additional fee, we can apply the labels to the packaging, though minimums may apply. This process may require additional time for completion. Feel free to contact our sales consultants for more information.

Custom Filling As an additional service, we offer custom filling for our clients. You can either provide your unique style packaging or select from our stock components. Minimums apply, and the lead time ranges between 6-16 weeks. To provide a custom-filling price quote, we kindly request three empty bottles or cases. Rest assured, we will ensure compatibility between your desired packaging style and our products.

Custom Ink Color for Printing Enhance your componentry for exclusive and professional brand recognition. We offer custom printing services with Black, Silver, Gold, or White ink. By requesting color customization, you can have your logo or brand label printed on the packaging. Simply provide us with the desired Pantone number and swatch for the ink color, and we'll coordinate with our ink manufacturer. Additional charges apply for customized ink, and this service may add approximately 2 weeks to the lead time.

Important: Please ensure the compatibility of the ink types you order with the packaging material.

DISCLAIMER: MetaCNBeauty Cosmetics provides additional custom manufacturing services beyond those listed above. Feel free to contact our sales representatives to discuss your specific requirements and the scope of your order. As these services are fully customized, our product development team will provide a reasonable price quote based on the project specifications. For custom colors and skincare formulas, a price quote will be provided once our team and chemist have determined the costs of raw materials and labor required for the process.

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