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MetaCNBeauty Cosmetic Private Label MOQ Guide 2023

Ultimate Guide To MetaCNBeauty Cosmetic Private Label Minimum Order Quantity In 2023

There are 2 options of MOQ in MetaCNBeauty private label cosmetics

You should understand that producing private-label cosmetics can be complex, involving various procedures and collaborations with different material factories. Normally, cosmetics factories require a minimum order of 12,000 PCS for private label cosmetics, as they need to purchase the empty tube/bottle/powder packaging from other suppliers, who also have a minimum order quantity of 12,000 PCS each, and sometimes even 20,000 PCS for larger companies.

However, we want to support small businesses who are interested in creating their own cosmetic brand. so we have acquired some empty tube/bottle stock in our warehouse so that can reduce your initial cost to start your brand.

That is why we are able to offer two types of minimum order quantity options.

Kindly review the information provided below to compare the differences.

The first option is a minimum order of 12000 PCS per product, which allows for fully customized service to ensure your product is unique and innovative in the market. We can customize the makeup formula, color, packaging, and even the packing boxes to your specific needs. If the quality of the makeup formula is not what you desire, we can modify it based on your feedback. We can also customize the makeup color to any Pantone color or your own color sample. Additionally, we can customize the empty tube/bottle/component packaging to your own design, and create customized paper boxes, display boxes, white boxes, and more.

For instance:

Once you have chosen the product you wish to develop, we will provide you with the print area to design the tube and packaging.

sample of private label cosmetics product primary package fully customizable

sample of private label cosmetics product secondary package fully customizable
sample of MetaCNBeauty private label cosmetics product and package fully customizable

The second option is for some products that we have in stock and can accept small orders(starting from as low as 100PCS/type). Although the makeup product texture cannot be customized too much, we can still print your logo on the tube/bottle and fully customize the paper box packing to any color or information you prefer.

For instance :

If you opt for our small order quantity option, your logo can be printed on the tube packaging. The outer paper box can be fully customized according to your preferences. You can design anything you want within the given print area, including custom colors, pictures, and patterns. Alternatively, we can assist you with the design process.

Example of small MOQ for metaCNbeauty private label cosmetics
We are committed to helping you create your own cosmetic brand, and we are happy to offer these options to meet your needs.

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