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Collection: 35-Lipstick Packaging Materials

Buyer Notice
1. If you need to design proofing according to the customer, the proofing fee will be charged, and the proofing fee will be refunded in full after the order is placed;
2. The spot color, MOQ, and shipping costs are subject to confirmation by contacting customer service;
3. Logo printing can provide silk screen printing, bronzing, laser engraving, 3D printing, thermal transfer printing, etc. Welcome to LOGO design;
4. Appearance treatment includes spraying, spraying, UV light, spraying matte, feel paint (rubber paint), spraying gradient,
Paint gradient, injection molding marble, water transfer, wrinkle paint, spray coating disorder, silk, spray coating snowflake, water drop process
Various crafts such as spray paint pearlescent, spray paint flash gold;
5. Payment method: 30% deposit in advance, 70% balance paid before shipment;
6. The proofing cycle is 7-10 days;
7. Production cycle: 30-35 days after the customer confirms the sample;


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